Property Management System

Stay in control of your bookings and automate repetative tasks

Booking engine

How Does It Work?

Step 1

The guest searches for dates using our visual calendar, once dates are chosen he can see a list of available rooms and prices.

Visual calendar

Step 2

Once the guest has chosen his room he can choose a special offer or rate plan.

Choose a special offer or rate plan

Step 3

Once the guest has selected the room they just need to enter their personal details and book, you can request payment depending on your rate policy via 3D Secure.

Order form

Step 4

The guest and the property will get email confirmation and any payments will be processed and delivered to your bank account within a few days!

Order number

Mobile friendly and powerful

Don’t lose bookings because your booking engine is not optimised for mobile, we built our booking engine to be really simple to use on all platforms and screens which increases conversions and sales.

Mobile app

Accept Credit Cards & Payments

We support both card storage and also payment gateways where you can take payment securely via 3D secure.

Payment express

Booking Modules

Use 30+ modules with responsive layouts and different states

Payment Gateway

Connect various payment gateways so you can charge cards easily

Payment gateway

Custom Questions

Need some extra questions in the booking form? No Problem.

Custom questions


Promotions are easy to make and find online



Membership system just like the big chain hotels

Membership system

Promo Code

Create offers protected with a promo code

Promo code


Our booking engine works with multiple languages and currencies to make booking easier


Cart Abandonment

Email the guest that didn’t book with a personalised offer

Cart abandonment

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