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Most tasks can be automated with our powerful reaction engine


Automate Email

Email is super easy to automate, why should you need to write the same messages over and over?

  • Confirmation email on new booking
  • Welcome email 2 days before arrival
  • Health check email after check-in
  • Post stay review email
  • Email to request new card details if card is invalid
Automate email

Automate Payments

Invalid credit cards, taking payments and looking out for no-shows is a stressful job, we make it simple by automating your workflow with our reaction system. You can create rules that are fantastically flexible.

  • Take payment on new booking depending on rate plan booked
  • Take payment only for Expedia bookings
  • Pre-Authorise cards 5 days before arrival
  • Send payment request on Invalid cards
Automate payments

Powerful Filters

You think the automation is cool, just wait till you see the filters also. We built our automation engine to be very flexible to your needs.

Charge card

On New Booking charge card for full amount if channel is

Email with terms and conditions

Booking from Send email with extra terms and conditions

Email with terms and conditions

Booking room count is greater than 5? Send email to guest with group terms and conditions.

Combine with Zapier

You can combine all this with Zapier and connect up to 500 different apps, this is a really exciting ability that has transformed some hotels ability to save time and automate

  • On new booking send SMS to guest with welcome text
  • On new booking send email address to mailchimp
  • On check-in send sms to guest
Combine with Zapier

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